Ridiculous-Lee (imnotyourfriend) wrote in gaycomicfans,

I nominate the dead guy!

So Heath Ledger has been nominated for best supporting roll in the 81st annual academy awards, and even though I think Ledger was amazing as the joker and out shines anyone else who's previously taken on the roll, I can't help but feel like he's only being nominated because he passed away. I mean, the roll of a comic book super villain doesn't really seem like a roll that the academy usually recognizes, but then again, Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for his roll in Tropic Thunder and if it was just between the two of them, I think we'd all pick Heath. Either way, I'm glad to see him getting recognition for the roll because I was truely blown away by his performance. I'm just use to seeing rolls like the ones Josh Brolin, Michael Shannon, and Philip Seymour Hoffman had walk away with the award.

P.S. Late posting of my Halloween costume, and yes, once I left my friend's party and went out, I saw a lot of other dudes in the same costume, but mine was the best :P


Tags: heath ledger 81st annual academy awards
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