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A letter to Perry Moore, Author of "Hero"

Perry Moore,

I'm glad to hear you book is being adapted to a television series. I bought it just before hearing the rumor and found it to be a real page turner towards the end, but I have one suggestion for you now that you'll be presenting it to a larger audience. Please consider changing the names of the minor super powered characters, and think about getting help from your writing staff.

I hope you don’t take offence to my suggestion, because I want your show to be a success. A Showtime series about a gay teen super hero sounds like a dream come true, and I wish that something like it would have premiered when I was in high school.  It’s just that the gay comic nerd in me cringes at the golden age-esque cheesiness of super hero names that end in “lad” or “lass” and they almost caused me to put the book away for good. I remember thinking names you gave other characters bared the same cheesiness like “Vicious Violet” and “Ssnake.” Even “Dark Hero” caused my eyes to roll a little.

Please know that I found your story compelling, and at the end I really grew attached to the character, but I just feel that the super heroes in your book need more iconic names to hold the interest of hardcore comic fans. Please don’t change the names of the main characters though. I think Miss Scarlet and Typhoid Larry are great fits for the characters, especially Typhoid Larry. Was Larry’s name inspired by Typhoid Mary from Daredevil?

I hope you take my advice into consideration and I want to thank you for producing such an uplifting queer themed story in a genre dear to my heart. I look forward to seeing the premier of the series (some how, I don’t have Showtime…) and I know it’ll be a much needed inspiration to gay youth, especially after the passing of our greatest foe this past year, prop 8.

-Lee Longoria
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